Transformational coaching to help women
with fatigue, anxiety and depression
so that they can thrive!

I help women to reclaim their lives, well-being and vibrancy so that they can go back to work, thrive, live their dream lives and take care of their kids, family and community!

As a self-healed Adrenal Fatigue survivor, I hope to get women back on their feet and
double their energy, reduce stress, fatigue, anxiety, and 

If this sounds familiar, I would like to help YOU! If you struggle with chronic stress, exhaustion, fatigue, low energy, digestive issues, blood pressure imbalances, weight gain, panic attacks, hormonal imbalances, headaches, dizziness, autoimmune, insomnia/irregular sleep patterns, anxiety, or depression, and would like to feel better… you have found the right place!

My support programs use a comprehensive approach of “MIND + BODY + SPIRIT” that goes beyond conventional medicine.

My passion is to see women give themselves permission to feel vibrant, joyous, free,
happy inside-out, and live their truest and highest expressions.


I’m Carmen Leung, Founder of Rising Wellness.
I’m thrilled you have found this place!

I am a self-healed transformational coach who helps women with fatigue, anxiety and or depression to heal so that they can thrive!

Since I got diagnosed with Adrenal Fatigue with multiple symptoms in 2013, I have stretched myself to start understanding about my body and mind in the healing process.

During this journey, I became a yoga and meditation teacher, a health & life coach and a transformational coach to help shift mindsets and identities.

I would love to help women heal and thrive, imparting what I have gained in this journey, so that they can start living a life they truly deserve. I believe women are the most phenomenal people in the world.

The honor of working with you is mine.

You are Well-Being. You are Beautiful. You are Bliss.

You are Bounty. You are Whole. You are Complete.

You have unique gifts and qualities that are waiting to unfold.

You are abundance of clarity, wisdom, wealth, well-being and more.

You are a Badass 🙂 with temporary blockages and outdated patterns that may be keeping you “stuck”. 

Let’s work through it together.

What clients have said…

“I feel better physically and mentally and am generally a much happier person.”

“Carmen helped me to start implementing healthier positive patterns – habits that focus on calming my mind, lessening my anxieties and redirecting my negative thoughts.”

“Carmen encouraged me to start meditating and helped me make it a natural part of my life. She offered guidance and additional resources to help me find the right fit and type of meditation that worked best for me. Her demeanor and voice are so soothing and relaxing.”

Do you feel as if your entire life has been put on pause because you always feel fatigued and out of balance?

You’re open to all possibilities, but if you don’t find something fast, you’re afraid your life might crumble.

The good news is that there is a way to feel better quickly by understanding the root cause of your fatigue so you can get back to your normal life.

Introducing Goodbye Adrenal Fatigue… my step-by-step healing companion guide to regaining your energy, rebalancing your life, reprograming your nervous system, and preventing yourself from getting in a situation like this again.

“Wonderful read! Enjoyed reading how to replenish yourself before you end up with an empty tank. Great tips to slow down from the overdrive of life. Carmen portrays her journey and her learning in such an informative and loving manner. A must read!” 

Enjoy these free resources…

Join the Community

My free Facebook group, Adrenal Fatigue Support For Women, was created as a vehicle through which women can help other women in the challenging paths of juggling with taking care of kids, managing the home, and balancing family and career.

The goal is to provide women with the resources, tools and skills they need to recover and heal, naturally!

Meditation Videos

Enjoy these meditations to tap into your higher self, unlock your highest potential, and develop a powerful vision for your health and life!

Are you ready to heal and reclaim your life?

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