About Carmen

About seven years ago, I hit rock bottom.

I was shaken to the ground and through adversity, I found myself  again.

As the Tao Te Ching says:
“If you want to become whole, you must let yourself be broken”. 

I was in a disharmonious state and I needed answers. I was diligent.  I tried everything.

I was experiencing massive burnout and started having chronic fatigue that left me with four flat tyres, 30-lb weight gain, hormonal imbalances, leaky gut, autoimmune disorders.

Everything in my life started slipping away, including my health, mother, relationship, and job.

I tried everything under the sun (Traditional Chinese Medicine, Ayurvedic Medicine, Functional Medicine) and eventually my recovery path led me to 500 hours of yoga teacher training, eventually lost the 30 pounds I put on, got my health back, and became a health/life coach and a Transformational Coach from The Health Coach Institute. 

During my journey, I realized that my suffering came from not understanding the fundamental core question of “ Who am I?” and not who I am supposed to be, not who I perceive my parents want me to be, not what perceived societal standards and rules demand me to be…… but “Who am I born to be?”

As soon as I got closer to who I really am, I realized the very gifts and talents I have been blessed with is to help women get closer to who they really are!

The aha-moment came when I recognized the newfound freedom I obtained is something I want to share with women.

So the journey of me healing myself and subsequently experiencing more freedom has led me to believe that is the birthright of every women.  I want to help women heal, thrive, find more freedom, and live closer to who they really are!

Now, I help to get women back on their feet by offering her own recovery experience, tricks of trade from the health coaching industry, and the wisdom and tools gained from gurus, masters and yogis from the Yogic world. I believe my life mission is to get women to become who they really are meant to be!

As a certified health coach, I work with women on finding optimum daily lifestyle and choices that are most suitable for them.  As a Transformational coach, I facilitate women to understand their fundamental identity and role perceptions and how they are affecting their everyday habits, behaviors, thoughts and tendencies.  

I also shine a light on each client’s perspectives, emotions, perceptions, personality traits so that they slowly become closer to who they really are instead of who they are supposed to be.  My approach is gentle, effective, and results-proven especially with women with anxiety and depression.

Your life is waiting for you to live it! I’d love to help you!

Hear more about my journey and mission in this in-depth interview…

What clients have said about working together…

“Carmen’s guidance had helped reaffirm that implementing tools of self-worth is a universal principle guaranteed to everyone. She helped to guide me towards applying positive tools that therapy isn’t necessarily designed to do.”

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